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Hi, I made a small website to search for work in Greece.


We already covered the. Crisis work opportunities in Worldwide has already reduced but for developed countries by us?

So your saying you-but-always has one "but there is always Hope."-huh?

When you search for work in Bulgaria through agencies there is always a particularly fares which will have to pay in advance to anyone who does not know and it is not clear whether you trick so I PROPOSE YOU YOURSELF CAN MAKE YOUR CHOICE.

I propose you several website to find a job in Greece.

I suggest you have Pages with feedback to you, enter your details and submit your email and up-to-date information on vacancies at the moment.

You can translate most pages of the Greek language of English, install your Google Toolbar with its built-in option-Automatic translator.

In crisis! Salaries in Greece are generally low and can be worked more with a little free time.


Average monthly wage in Greece is between 600 and 800 euros per month.

The daily rates for work in Greece are somewhere between 25 and 40 euros per day for unskilled workers. If you work in the service sector (bar, waiter / waitress, etc.) your income may be substantially completed by tip. For most jobs in Greece to work six full days a week, and some jobs can be expected to work seven days a week, so be sure to check working conditions with prospective employer before accepting the proposal for work.




Be active in your search. Work does not just will come to you.Leaving your contact details in the comments section is unlikely to lead to a job offer from all sources - go there and see what is available! Follow the information, ideas and links in this article to find opportunities for job creation.



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